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A skilled young boxer and a determined father clash in a traditional Nigerian boxing match, their resilience and pride are put to the ultimate test, with everything they hold dear on the line.


Haruna, a young, well-trained boxer who lives for the art of the fight, and Ayeana, a father fighting to provide for his daughter’s future, face off against each other in Dambe, a traditional Nigerian boxing match. Both fighters risk losing themselves and the ones they love in an excruciating test of resilience and pride. Facing selfishness and selflessness - and the blurred lines inbetween.

Director's Statement

This film delves into the intricacies of human nature, presenting a clash of two contrasting drives.
The protagonist's unwavering dedication to Dambe boxing parallels the obsession of a master artist, while a father's struggles to provide for his daughter pose questions about the sacrifices we make for those we love. Through this narrative, the film offers a thought-provoking commentary on the human condition and the challenges we face in our pursuit of purpose and meaning. Is what we are really worth losing everything for?


Ayeana, an Edo man and poverty-stricken yet devoted father, would risk everything to provide for his beloved daughter, Idia.


Nigeria, Edo

Favorite Food

Pounded Yam and Groundnut Stew

Ayeana Turnaround

Ayeana Expressions

Ayeana Action Poses



Favorite Food

Nigeria, Hausa


Haruna, a young fighter is a dedicated dambe boxer, living and breathing the art of the fight, he is willing to go to any lengths to secure victory in the ring.

Haruna Turnaround

Haruna Expressions

Haruna Action Poses


Idia is a spirited and caring young girl whose strong will and tough nature are evident in her every action. Her love for her dad is boundless, and his affection and encouragement serve as the driving force behind her unwavering determination and compassion for others.


Nigeria, Edo

Favorite Food

Fried Plantain

Idia Turnaround

Idia Expressions

Idia Action Poses

Character Line-up

Background Process


Meet the Team

Meet The Team

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