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When an extra-terrestrial bunny falls from the moon to Earth, Aurora, a young lonely girl, is quick to befriend the small creature. After spending many happy dream-like days together, Bunny starts to become homesick. Noticing Bunny's sadness growing, Aurora decides to help Bunny and embark on a journey to the moon. 


Directors Statement

The origin of this film starts with an old Japanese folktale called "Tsuki no Usagi". This folktale is about giving up oneself for another to the extent of death. We often glorify the selfless heroes of fantasy who gladly throw their lives away for the sake of another, so it is no surprise to see real people over extending themselves for the sake of another. The story of Bunny to the Moon shows that helping others is a great thing, but it is also okay to not be the selfless hero and that prioritizing one's own wellbeing is not only necessary but healthy.




Meet The Team

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